Are Google turning evil?

Google Apps sign in page

Is this the first sign of Google going against its motto of ‘Don’t be evil‘?

On the Google Apps sign-up page, the standard (free) version has been hidden under a large button which directs people to the paid-for premium edition.

This may not seem like a big deal, but Google prides itself on not being evil. Here, the hiding of the free version beneath a button where users can trial the paid-for version seems a little out of character and marginally dishonest.

Google offers 2 flavours of Google Apps. ‘Standard’ which is free and ‘Premium’ which costs $50 a year and offers additional features such as email archiving, removal of ad and email and phone support.

To find the free version, a user would need to look past the large blue button and click the link which states ‘Explore Standard Edition’.

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