Twestival brings the world together

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In 200 cities around the world, volunteers held ‘Twestivals’ which attracted 10,000 people. All this was organised in the space of a month, through the web application twitter.

The wide-spread nature of the event, and the speed in which it was organised highlight how the world is now more connected than ever before.

Naturally, a large portion of events were held in countries with the largest Internet usage however, events were also organised in cities such as Mumbai, Istanbul, Lima, Bauru, Bangkok and Rio de Janeiro.

The founders of the Testival idea state in their latest blog post that the current amount raised stands at $250,000. A tremendous achievement in such a short amount of time and with little to no budget.

My local twestival in Nottingham, UK run by Martin Wright was a great success. It was not only an opportunity to support a good cause, but also one to meet like-minded people and enjoy a good night out.

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