GMail Themes

Today I got my first look at the new GMail themes designed to liven up the appearance of GMail inbox es, and to be honest I am very impressed.

There are currently 26 themes to chose from and selections are made from a tab in the settings menu. 15 of the initial selection are variations of a very simple theme, which is pretty but nothing too drastic.

The final 11 designs are where the real magic happens. Each of these is well designed and themes vary greatly from a pop-art style ‘ninja’ theme to peaceful themes which use images of the ocean or pastel shaded cartoons to brighten your emails.

Email in-boxes are a starting point for any Internet usage and it makes sense to have a site we visit regularly looking exactly how we want it.

I can’t wait for Google to add similar themes to Google Reader, as it is probably the only place I spend even more time than my inbox.

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  1. Edward Lewis says:

    i’ve been missed out, i havent got the option of adding a theme.. got a big case of gmail theme envy

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