Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day is an initiative for bloggers to spend some time thinking about issues affecting the world and to try to think about how we can help. This year the topic is poverty.

Here at LogicFlip, we have only just started our blog, this is only post number 3! We presumed our first posts would all relate to web development, but Blog Action Day has encouraged us to diversify already!

Eventually, when this blog has people reading it, we expect our audience to have a large percentage of young web developers who are currently studying or have recently left education. During this period it is common to take time out to travel the world and for this reason we would like to highlight the efforts of the people who run the web site RealGap and in particular their project.

This company help to organise all kinds of gap year breaks but through the Help-Africa campaign they make it easy for young people to get into a project and spend time making a real difference for real people.

Well done realgap, keep up the good work. If we ever get time to take a few months off, we will certainly investigate getting involved.

The link to the website is

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