Macbook: The power of Silence

For years I have looked on enviably at people who turn up at meetings, or in coffee shops and whip out the latest Macbook Pro and start tapping away on its sleek keys.

It was an envy I presumed I’d never get over as, being particularly frugal, when would I ever get around to spending £1,500 on a Mac rather than grab a dependable Thinkpad from IBM/Lenovo for ~£500?

Recently though, with the prospect of getting more involved in iPhone app development, I realised I could justify buying an Apple laptop and not feel too bad about it. After some research, I decided a high-spec Macbook would fit my needs and it arrived a week ago.

My first impression was how easy the switch over was. Installing software was simple, and configuring the laptop to work as I expected only took a couple of Google searches. The learning curve is pretty shallow.

The most amazing part of my Mac experience though is the perfect silence when it is in use.

I have always required a quiet working area and have spent many weekends taking my various PC’s apart; replacing fans, installing new power supplies and cleaning the grills.

In the past I’ve spent endless hours searching for Silent PCs and laptops. Why didn’t I ever notice that Apple have been building them for years?

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  1. Xavi says:

    Totally agree!

    A macbook is definitely worth the money if you *work* heavily on your computer (be it coding, designing…).

    It’s been 2 years since I bought my Mac laptop (I got the cheapest one I could find at £800) and reading your post just reminded me the importance of a silent fan. I remember days at the library studying from my laptop. The fan would start going louder and louder until I had to turn it off because people would start sighing with annoyed faces haha

    The move from PC to Mac took me roughly 1 hour of playing around and an occasional search, quite similar to you.


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